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Teachers work hard, long hours. 

And sometimes classrooms feel more like a testing center than a engaging, creative, positive learning playground. 

We want to help teachers take back their classrooms and make it a place you love to come and your kids can’t wait to return to. 

Our Happy Classroom Kit will help you

  • add happiness,
  • positive messages,
  • foster kindness,
  • creativity and
  • more movement

to your classroom every day.

It will include:

  • Happy Grams- you or your kids can fill them out for classmates

  • Positive Message 8×11 Printable Posters

  • This Makes Me Happy Worksheet

  • 6 ebooks (to read on a tablet) or to print and read on Manners, Having a Good Attitude, Never Giving Up, Overcoming Fear, Being a Good Friend, Creativity

    • Simon Starts School (Easy Reader about starting school and things you’ll learn)
    • Simon and the Red Rocket Ship (Easy Reader about using your imagination and creativity to create something)
    • Zebrina the Ballerina (a story about hard work and never giving up)
    • Monster Manners (A fun story about having manners told by monsters)
    • Beakley Takes a Trip (Beakley is scared to take a trip but gains confidence to try new things)
    • I want a Puppy (Easy Reader about making choices)
    • Good Twoshoes (a sweet story about being kind)
  • Get Up, Get Up & Get Moving Flashcards

  • 3 Look & Find Printable Worksheets (Get Outdoors)-
    • Look & Find School-
    • Look & Find Park-
    • Look & Find Outdoors
  • How to create a Happy Classroom Mascot & Plan-  kids take turns taking him home when they have good behavior and citizenship.


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