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A new educational initiative, recipe National Kindergarten Readiness, buy has been announced today by Kristin Fitch, Editor of  National Kindergarten Readiness is an effort to educate and encourage parents in the role of preparing children for Kindergarten.  Fitch notes, “Children are our nation’s greatest assets.  Educating them is our nation’s responsibility and our country’s future success lies in doing so.”

Fitch explains that National Kindergarten Readiness will promote the need for parents and preschools to prepare kids for kindergarten success throughout the preschool years, and especially the months prior to beginning Kindergarten.

The initiative will revolve around the website where a kindergarten readiness check list, educational worksheets, and educational articles by top experts, top educational website listings, and more will be made available to everyone. The initiative will also have special videos and activities posted during May 1 until September 1 when Fitch hopes parents will take the time to work with their children to ensure they are prepared for school success.

Educational Content will be provided by many top Education and Parenting experts from across the country.  Fitch hopes schools, communities and parents will both use the tools found on the website and let others know about it because we all benefit from preparing our children for school.

Kristin Fitch is the editor and co-creator of; a fun and educational site for kids and parents that offers educational printables, coloring worksheets, learning games, and hundreds of activities and craft ideas.  She is also co-author of a new inspirational parenting book called:  Parenting without a Paddle  Navigating the Waters of Parenthood (available March 1, 2011).

“Find out what kids need to know prior to Kindergarten”

A resource site for parents, teachers and schools.

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